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HLC's biggest dream has finally come true. We can proudly say that every skateboard's main part is manufactured in-house.  
HLC was born more than 20 years ago in the Basque Country, with the aim of bringing skateboarding a little closer to anyone who wanted to practice it. Three brothers from a place surrounded by the surf vibes from spots like Mundaka or Hossegor and the snow vibes from the Pyrenees.  
Their passion for skateboarding and boardsports pushed them to start developing production processes professionally, sourcing from the best suppliers and creating different brands.  Nowadays, we are one of the Skateboard factories with the most advanced technology in the world, with an experienced team and a true commitment to the environment through strict waste management procedures. 
This 23-year journey has not been a bed of roses though. We have faced obstacles at different levels, and many projects in which we’ve spent countless hours and energy have never been materialized. For years, we tried to develop and manufacture our own wheel and truck lines, and we failed to do so several times. But that’s what growth and improvement is about, right? 
When COVID hit hard all the industries suffered from huge stock-outs and could not reach suppliers. This situation triggered (once again) our will to manufacture wheels and trucks in-site, so we decided to get involved in the urethane and aluminium foundry industries by setting up two new production plants.  

After years of product design, development & testing, we have now the pleasure to say that at HLC we produce high quality Skateboard Decks, Wheels and Trucks in our own facilities.  

Welcome to the New Era of HLC.


HLC is now the leading company in Europe's skateboarding market and one of the Top 3 on an international level. It is now the European producer and distributor for leading international brands like SK8MAFIAFLIP, PLAN B  or SOVRN.

Today, HLC SB Distribution, far from slowing down and still pushing hard has relocated to its new premises, located in the Basque Country, representing its brands worldwide in more than 65 countries on 5 continents


Our wood comes exclusively from areas under a forest conservation law aiming to save, maintain and regenerate the biodiversity of nature and all our waste is 100% recycled.

We use a cold press process and an exhaustive quality control to ensure that all our boards are the exact same.

We guarantee the highest quality that only the most advanced technology can offer. Specially designed CNC robots are used for a perfect shaping, varnishing and finish.


The innovation and improvement of our products will always be a priority. Always placing special emphasis on our commitment to the environment, using the most ECO-Friendly materials in the process.

A family run business that is still well fuelled thanks to the passion and dedication to SKATEBOARDING.